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Proton Therapy

The use of proton therapy to treat cancerous tumors is a major technological advance. Proton therapy delivers the beam precisely where it is required. After decades of development, its success is rapidly driving proton therapy out of research facilities and into regional treatment centers worldwide. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated imaging, delivery and scanning techniques, the options for treatment by proton therapy continue to expand.

Proton therapy offers unique clinical advantages that make it especially effective at treating a wide range of tumors, such as brain, spinal cord, and cancers of the eye. Using beams of positively charged nuclear particles, rather than conventional photon beams, Proton therapy can be precisely targeted to deliver highly focused doses in the tumor, while potentially sparing healthy surrounding tissue with possibly fewer side effects. Proton therapy delivers the beam precisely, thus reducing the risk of damaging healthy surrounding tissue. The dose to a patient is delivered at a specified depth in tissue, called the "Bragg Peak", and almost no dose that would otherwise be harmful to healthy tissue is deposited past that peak.

Proton therapy enables clinicians to precisely target tumors with radiation, which makes protons an excellent choice for treating a wide range of cancer cases including the following:

  • pediatric
  • ocular
  • lung
  • breast
  • prostate
  • central nervous system lesions (benign and malignant)
  • bone and soft tissue
  • head and neck
  • gynecologic carcinoma
  • lymphoma

Highly committed to proton therapy, and providing you with ongoing support

Varian Medical Systems is fully dedicated to the success of proton therapy and provide individual programs to help ensure that every Varian ProBeam® system supports our customers’ specific oncology service strategies. Our commitment is underlined by the fact that in 2013 we invested millions of dollars in R&D in radiation therapy in general, with a particular focus on proton therapy. Equipment reliability and clinical uptime are optimized through dedicated on-site teams, allowing you to focus on what you do best. With a leading position in developing advanced clinical oncology technologies, Varian Medical Systems installs and maintains proton therapy treatment centers and clinics around the world, including the following:

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