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Microsoft Operating System Critical Updates Policy


The following Microsoft Operating System Critical Update Policy applies to Varian Medical System's ARIA™ and VARiS™ information management systems, and Eclipse treatment planning system products.

It is Varian's policy that customers are responsible for the security and protection of their networks. Customers are responsible for maintaining current virus protection, robust firewalls and Microsoft Critical Updates. If customers have defects in their network security, it is possible for their Varian products to become infected with viruses.

Varian believes all our products work correctly with the latest Microsoft Critical Updates and although we formally qualify our products with specific Operating Systems and Service Packs, we do not yet formally qualify individual Microsoft Critical Updates. Microsoft Critical Updates are installed on all equipment within our Engineering and Qualification groups where we confirm our software performs as expected with the patches applied.

To the best of our knowledge, no Microsoft Critical Update has caused the failure of Varian's software products.

It is recommended that customers apply Critical Updates as they become available and then confirm that the Varian software products continue to operate correctly. Applying these patches will not invalidate any warranty or service contract in place at the time. If incorrect operation occurs, it is recommended that the customer remove the patch (if possible) and notify the Varian Helpdesk or Customer Support immediately.