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Once again establishing the leadership role in the oncology arena, Varian Medical Systems is pioneering radiation and medical oncology participation in "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" (IHE). IHE is an initiative being developed primarily by Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) with the vision of a truly integrated healthcare experience removing all barriers to optimal patient care.

Just as this new initiative is gaining awareness, Varian's enterprise-wide systems software is coming of age as an integral part of the truly integrated IHE environment. Varian's motivation to participate in the IHE initiative proves to potential customers that we are dedicated to the complete system that can fully and easily integrate into a multi-vendor environment.

The optimal patient experience requires information from several data and technology sources in the healthcare environment. Paper records and analog film are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Non-compliant information management systems will be left behind in the face of this rapidly advancing technological storm of data. Varian is committed to breaking out of the traditionally enisled Radiation Oncology department and becoming an active participant in the total healthcare environment. To accomplish this goal, the Varian integrated solution takes advantage of well established DICOM 3.0 and HL7 standards, along with the emerging IHE implementation path to communicate vital patient data between Radiation Oncology departments and healthcare providers from all areas of the network.

Varian Medical Systems is strongly committed to IHE and is currently reviewing our software with respect to each integration profile. From planning to production, Varian is paving the way once again with fully integrated products capable of functioning in today's enterprise-wide healthcare solution.

Eclipse Treatment Planning System

Eclipse 13.6 IHE Integration Statement (Jun 2015)
Eclipse 11.0 IHE Integration Statement (Oct 2012)
Eclipse 10.0 IHE Integration Statement (Apr 2010) 
Eclipse 8.5 IHE Integration Statement (Apr 2008) 

ARIA Oncology Information System
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