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Where can I get a list of classes that are offered?

Select your region – North & Latin America, EMEIA or APAC to see your local education opportunities.

How do I register for a class?

A personal Learning Management System (LMS) account is required to self-register for our entitled trainings which are also accessible through your MyVarian account. Needing more information on the Learning Management System (LMS), click here.

Where can I find out the seat availability for my desired training?

Log into your MyVarian account, click on the “Training & Education” menu item and on “Learning Center”, you will be directed to your LMS account Home page. Search for your desired training through “Find Learning” using the course name or the Course ID which can be obtained from the “Links” tile.

What is the difference between entitled and purchased trainings?

With every purchase of equipment, Varian will provide you with a standard package of entitled trainings. Any additional tuition has to be purchased separately via Flex/Advantage credits. Each training offering has a predefined value of Flex/Advantage credits which may vary based on geographical region. Entitlement courses cannot be converted to Flex/Advantage Credits.

Who should I contact to purchase more Flex or Advantage credits?

Please contact your local Sales/Education representative or local Varian office.

What is the difference between Flex versus Advantage credits?

Flex Credits: Courses were unknown at time of purchase; therefore, one can use credits for any courses. These credits are going away in North America. In EMEIA and APAC any Varian course offering can be purchased via Flex Credits. Advantage Credits: Courses are predetermined at time of purchase. One can only use courses that are determined in contract. These credits are only available in North America as of this time.

Does my training expire? 

Entitled training expires 18 months after acceptance of the Varian equipment while purchased training expires 24 months after purchase date.

What is Varian’s policy on class cancellation and rescheduling (AMERICAS only)?

Varian recognizes that students will need to cancel registration on occasion. If Varian receives a cancellation with at least 14 days notice prior to the class start date, there is no penalty. If a cancellation is not received within 14 days of the class start date, the class participant will be charged a $500 administrative fee. A same day no-show will also incur the same $500 administrative fee.

When and how can I make travel arrangements?

North America customers

Please do not make travel arrangements until after you receive a confirmation in the event your preferred courses/date is full. All travel arrangements are handled by our designated vendor partner BALBOA TRAVEL. Customers should contact Balboa at (877) 593-7220 for all travel needs, and/or questions regarding travel to Varian training events.

EMEIA customers

Please contact your local Varian office regarding any travel arrangements.

APAC customers

Please contact your local Varian office regarding any travel arrangements.

Australia and New Zealand customers

To book travel contact Varian Customer Service on phone AU 1800 657 036 or phone NZ 0800 827 426 or email:

Why should I open an LMS account?

An LMS account is required to register for any instructor-led training and provides access to e-learning modules.

How can I open an LMS account and how long does it take?

An LMS account can only be requested through an active MyVarian account. For more detailed information on the LMS, click here.

When does my LMS account get deactivated?

If you have never logged into your LMS account right after activation, it will be automatically deactivated after 1 month. Automatic deactivation is also triggered after 6 months of inactivity.

How do I re-activate my LMS account?

The reactivation of your LMS account can be done through your MyVarian account. Select the ”LMS Account” tab and then click on “Register Now!” to request the reactivation of your LMS account.

What web browser do I need to display my LMS home page?

Supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (Supported version is between 9.0 and above)
  • Edge (Supported version is 21.x.x.x and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Supported version is 3.6.x.x and above)
  • Safari on Mac (Supported version is 6.0 and above)
  • Google Chrome (Supported version is 23.0.x.x and above)
  • Flash player (Supported version is 10.0.0 and above)
  • Adobe Reader (Supported version is 9.0 and above)


What web browser can I use to watch videos in LMS?

Only Internet Explorer (IE) can be used to watch videos in LMS as of this time. Also, depending on your internet connection and bandwidth, most videos may take a while to load.

How can I replay my video?

In the Learning History section, click View All. Hover over the Title then click on Review Content.

Needing more information or help with your LMS account?

Contact us at