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OSU403 OSU Clinical Application of OSMS (SGRT) Clinical School
AMERICAS > US > Columbus
Course Description +
This hands on OSMS class will include in-class didactic sessions and hands on practice labs on our non-clinical TrueBeam Lab and our Oncology Information System/Treatment Planning System Lab, coupled with observation of treatments and setups using OSMS. Upon completion of this class, students should have an in-depth understanding of utilizing OSMS for patient setups and intrafraction motion tracking for treatment delivery on a TrueBeam. Topics covered will include: Review of commissioning and deployment of OSMS, clinical use cases, developing site specific strategies for OSMS use. Laboratory and patient observations will be integrated into the curriculum. The physicists in the audience will have a pull-out session to review OSMS commissioning for SRS use.
Language: English
TB101 TrueBeam Platform Operations
AMERICAS > US > Las Vegas
23 Sep 2019 - 26 Sep 2019
All Dates
30 Sep 2019 - 3 Oct 2019
7 Oct 2019 - 10 Oct 2019
14 Oct 2019 - 17 Oct 2019
28 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
4 Nov 2019 - 7 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019
18 Nov 2019 - 21 Nov 2019
2 Dec 2019 - 5 Dec 2019
16 Dec 2019 - 19 Dec 2019
6 Jan 2020 - 9 Jan 2020
13 Jan 2020 - 16 Jan 2020
20 Jan 2020 - 23 Jan 2020
3 Feb 2020 - 6 Feb 2020
10 Feb 2020 - 13 Feb 2020
24 Feb 2020 - 27 Feb 2020
2 Mar 2020 - 5 Mar 2020
9 Mar 2020 - 12 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020 - 19 Mar 2020
23 Mar 2020 - 26 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 - 2 Apr 2020
Course Description +
This course provides training for Radiation Therapists responsible for the operation of the TrueBeam, providing an overview of the TrueBeam system, hands-on training to include: system components, shutdown procedure, startup with basic morning QA procedures, startup after an emergency shutdown and power failure, basic administrative information and treatment and imaging scenarios to include: basic 2D and 2D-2D imaging, treatment with automation, LaserGuard II and Machine Protection, imaging and treatment with custom blocks, Cone-Beam CT , gated imaging and treatment with intra-fraction motion review, auto-beam hold and emergency treatment.
Language: English
TB102 TrueBeam Enhanced Imaging Concepts
AMERICAS > US > Las Vegas
21 Oct 2019 - 22 Oct 2019
All Dates
11 Nov 2019 - 12 Nov 2019
9 Dec 2019 - 10 Dec 2019
13 Jan 2020 - 14 Jan 2020
20 Jan 2020 - 21 Jan 2020
24 Feb 2020 - 25 Feb 2020
2 Mar 2020 - 3 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020 - 17 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 - 31 Mar 2020
Course Description +
The goal of this course is to increase radiation therapist knowledge of TrueBeam® treatment and imaging operations by exploring different options and features supported on the TrueBeam platform. Topics will include advanced imaging modalities. Significant attention is paid to the various clinical operations that your team may be planning to implement, i.e. complex delivery and imaging techniques. This includes HyperArc™, CBCT, auto beam hold, triggered and on-demand imaging. The intended audience for this course is EXPERIENCED TrueBeam Radiation Therapists
Language: English
TB201 TrueBeam Platform for Physicists
AMERICAS > US > Las Vegas
23 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019
All Dates
7 Oct 2019 - 11 Oct 2019
14 Oct 2019 - 18 Oct 2019
28 Oct 2019 - 1 Nov 2019
2 Dec 2019 - 6 Dec 2019
9 Dec 2019 - 13 Dec 2019
16 Dec 2019 - 20 Dec 2019
6 Jan 2020 - 10 Jan 2020
20 Jan 2020 - 24 Jan 2020
3 Feb 2020 - 7 Feb 2020
10 Feb 2020 - 14 Feb 2020
24 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020
9 Mar 2020 - 13 Mar 2020
23 Mar 2020 - 27 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020 - 3 Apr 2020
Course Description +
Application has been made to CAMPEP for MPCEC credits. This course provides training for Medical Physicists responsible for commissioning and administration of the TrueBeam machine. The course consists of combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises carried out in a lab equipped with fully functioning TrueBeam system. The course provides an overview of TrueBeam hardware, software and control system. The student will have reviewed administrative settings configurable in the system software. Creation of user account and system related user rights, reviewed all user-responsibility system calibrations, including absolute dose and imaging system calibrations and demonstration of common IGRT, Motion Management and treatment plan delivery techniques. The student will have learned how plans can be delivered for machine and patient QA. PLEASE NOTE: For more in-depth calibration and maintenance training, see TrueBeam Technical Maintenance I & II.
Language: English
TB203 TrueBeam Platform Delta for Physicist
AMERICAS > US > Las Vegas
21 Oct 2019 - 23 Oct 2019
All Dates
13 Jan 2020 - 15 Jan 2020
24 Feb 2020 - 26 Feb 2020
Course Description +
This “delta” course is designed to fill that gap for experienced TrueBeam users. It is especially appropriate for physicists who will be working with an upgraded system. The goal of the course is to increase your knowledge of the treatment options and provide a deeper dive into the latest features supported on the TrueBeam Platform, as well as advanced imaging modalities, including advanced reconstruction options. Considerable attention is paid to the various clinical operations that your team may be planning to implement, i.e. complex delivery techniques such as image-guided SBRT, auto beam hold, triggered, On demand imaging, Respiratory Gating and Advanced reconstruction options. The course also delves into features like Machine Performance Check.
Language: English
TBM102 TrueBeam Platform Technical Maintenance 2
AMERICAS > US > Las Vegas
23 Sep 2019 - 4 Oct 2019
Course Description +
Application sent to CAMPEP for 61.75 hrs. of MPCEC. Beginning in November 2016, this course will be a blended course covering the Small Vault Configuration and Long Frame Configuration. This course covers theory of operation, detailed system theory of modulator, RF system, gun system, embedded computer control system, dosimetry systems, vacuum system and imaging systems, electro mechanic assemblies, networking and system concept trouble shooting & servicing. The labs cover beam tuning, couch bearing replacement, imaging calibration and initializations, using MLC diagnostic tools and PMI.
Language: English
UAB401 Clinical School UAB TB SRS
AMERICAS > US > Birmingham
7 Oct 2019 - 9 Oct 2019
Course Description +
Course content is taught by a multi-disciplinary team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, including subspecialty surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical physicists. This team installed the first clinical TrueBeam STx in the world and has extensive experience with RapidArc and High Intensity Mode beams. The course content can be individually focused on specific sites (e.g. neuro or thoracic), depending upon the interests of those enrolled. The course is a complete “how to” with didactic and laboratory experiences for advanced therapies with TrueBeam including: Commissioning and QA, 4D simulation, Respiratory motion management, Triggered imaging, RapidArc Radiosurgery, High Intensity Mode (flattening filter free @2400 MU/min), Clinical implementation of advanced procedures in CNS, H/N, lung, liver, spine, and prostate, Navigation bronchoscopy for fiducial placement. The course includes laboratory experiences that mimic the clinical process, including mock tumor board, contouring, and treatment planning. To register for a UAB clinical school course, you will require a MyVarian and Learning Management Systems (LMS) accounts. If you do not have these accounts, click on link below for instructions to request these accounts. If you have a MyVarian account, click on the link REGISTER be directed to the MyVarian screen to log on. If you need assistance with requesting these accounts, instruction on how to request these accounts is labeled "Request MyVarian and Learning Management Systems accounts."
Language: English
UPM401 Clinical School UPMC TrueBeam Stx SABR
AMERICAS > US > Pittsburg
25 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019
All Dates
6 Nov 2019 - 8 Nov 2019
Course Description +
The SRS/SABR multidisciplinary training program covers Stereotactic Radiosurgery and/or Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (also known as SBRT - Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy) for radio surgical ablative treatment of intracranial and extra cranial tumors and/or lesions. These include: 1) Brain lesions & targets: including primary benign & malignant tumors, metastatic tumors from extracranial sites, and non-cancerous targets such as arteriovenous malformations & trigeminal neuralgia, 2) Head & neck tumors: such as squamous cell tumors and glomus tumors, 3) spine tumors: such as metastatic lesions to vertebral bodies and primary spine tumors), 4) Thoracic lesions: primarily non-small cell lung cancer and cancers of the mediastinum, 5) Upper and lower GI lesions: including pancreas, primary and metastatic liver, adrenals and lymph nodes. This multidisciplinary course modeled after the mock tumor board method involves multiple surgical disciplines, radiation oncologists and physicists from UPMC. Each course will be tailored to the surgical discipline(s) in attendance at any given course and will utilize both lecture and a hands-on lab environment covering topics such as SRS clinical considerations and patient immobilization, 4DCT and pre-treatment QA of SRS. Students will participate in a hands-on lab session for both dosimetric QA of SRS plans and the pre-treatment QA. In addition, students will have the opportunity to observe 1 to 2 clinical SRS/SRT cases, including immobilization, imaging, and treatment planning, pre-treatment QA and treatment delivery.
Language: English