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HEC100 High-Energy Clinac Support
AMERICAS > US > Las Vegas
24 Sep 2019 - 26 Sep 2019
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VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS HAS BEEN APPROVED BY CAMPEP TO OFFER 19.5 MPCEC HOURS. This course is an introduction to Varian’s series of high-energy Clinac linear accelerators. The course is intended for hospital personnel with minimal or no exposure to the daily requirements and functions associated with Varian HE Clinacs. By the end of the course, the student will have a basic working knowledge of Clinac concepts, including machine terminology, safety, emergency off, morning checkout, machine warm up, interlocks, installation and proper handling of accessories. Also included are hand pendant diagnostics and minor repair, couch side panels diagnostic testing, Millennium MLC collimator terminology, software introduction and minor maintenance such as motor replacement. This will allow the student to communicate more effectively with Varian service personnel.
Language: English