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Introduction to AURA (ARIA Unified Reports Application)
25 Oct 2018
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15 Nov 2018
13 Dec 2018
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This remote session, “Introduction to AURA Reports” will be approximately 1 hour in length. The AURA solution uses MS SQL Server for report generation and replaces the Report Manager application/workspace within ARIA. AURA becomes available to customers with ARIA version 13.0 and higher. Staff who need to run reports and/or are required to make minor edits to existing reports will benefit from attending this workshop. Upon the completion of this workshop, trainees will gain the knowledge on how to access and launch AURA reports within ARIA, how to assign user rights to staff, how to perform minor edits and how to save, create favorites and publish modified reports. If multiple staff are attending from one location, only one individual needs to register. Meeting Requirements: Phone connection/teleconference line (for multiple attendees) and an internet connection. • Basic Content – Approximately 45-50 minutes • Reporting as a solution in ARIA - 3 minutes • Accessing Reports (Integration with Aria Applications) – 2 minutes • Rights & OSP – 3 minutes • Launching AURA & GUI – 3 minutes • Search, Favorite and other functions - 3 minutes • How to run report, and parameters – 5 minutes • Functions such as sort, filter, print, export – 5 minutes • Perform Minor Edits (If time permits) -5 minutes • Save and Publish Report to ARIA – 5 minutes • Documentation to Assist/Support Guidelines – 5 minutes Log into your MyVarian/Learning Management Systems account to Register. Approximately 3 days prior to the session you will receive a separate email invite of which you will need to accept to confirm your attendance. For the meeting, you will need to have a phone connection/teleconference line (For multiple attendees) and an Internet connection.
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