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CE Credit (for U.S. Only)

More than 40 of Varian's clinical education offerings are approved by ASRT, MDCB or CAMPEP for Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Clinical Support Training Events

Title Training Type Approver Credits
3D BrachyVision On-Site Course On-Site MDCB 21.00
Activity Capture Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
Acuity - Simulation, Planning and Verification On-Site ASRT 11.50
Acuity Cone Beam CT On-Site ASRT 8.50
Appointment Scheduling Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
AR101 Optimizing Workflow - Improving Quality and Safety Classroom ASRT 18.00
AR105 ARRA HiTech in ARIA Radiation Oncology Classroom MDCB 14.50
AR205 Reporting in ARIA Oncology Information System Classroom MDCB 18.00
ARIA Administrations Workshop On-Site ASRT 6.00
Assistant, User Home and Patient Overview Workshop On-Site ASRT 1.50
Calypso On-Site Training Workshop On-Site ASRT 7.50
CL100 Clinac Basic Operations Classroom MDCB 17.00
CL101 On-Board Imaging for Therapists Classroom MDCB 10.00
CL201 On Board Imaging for Physicists Classroom CAMPEP 27.25
CL222 Respiratory Gating Classroom CAMPEP 9.25
CL222 Respiratory Gating Classroom MDCB 9.00
Clinac Linear Accelerator Workshop On-Site ASRT 5.00
Cone Beam CT for OBI Workshop On-Site ASRT 3.00
EC101 Eclipse Basic Operations (v13) Classroom MDCB 23.50
EC102 Eclipse Inverse Planning: IMRT and RapidArc (v13) Classroom MDCB 21.50
EC112 Eclipse Inverse Planning: RapidArc Only (v13) Classroom MDCB 9.50
EC201 Eclipse Commissioning I: Administration and Algorithms Classroom CAMPEP 27.25
EC202 Eclipse Commissioning II: IMRT and RapidArc Classroom CAMPEP 27.25
EC203 Eclipse Portal Dosimetry Classroom CAMPEP 15.25
EC222 Eclipse Cone Planning Classroom CAMPEP 14.75
ECB101 3D BrachyVision Course Classroom MDCB 21.00
Eclipse 1-Day On-Site Upgrade Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 8.00
Eclipse 2-Day On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 14.00
Eclipse IMRT On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 4.00
Eclipse RapidArc On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 4.00
EP101 Eclipse Proton Operations Course Classroom MDCB 16.00
HEC100 High Energy Clinac Support Classroom CAMPEP 19.50
HEC100 High Energy Support Class Classroom ASRT 16.50
HEC101 High-Energy Clinac Technical Maintenance 1 Classroom CAMPEP 57.50
HEC102 High-Energy Clinac Technical Maintenance 2 Classroom CAMPEP 57.50
Image and Offline Review Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
OBI On-Site Follow-Up Workshop On-Site ASRT 3.00
OM101 Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS) Course Classroom MDCB 15.00
Patient Manager Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
PortalVision with 4DITC Workshop On-Site ASRT 3.00
Prescribe Treatment On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 1.00
ProBeam On-Site Operations Course On-Site ASRT 24.00
RapidPlan On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 16.00
Real-Time Position Management System (RPM) Treatment Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
Respiratory Gating for Scanners Workshop On-Site ASRT 3.00
RT Chart Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
RT Summary On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 1.00
SBRT101 Varian Lung Solution Classroom MDCB 12.00
TB101 TrueBeam Operations Classroom MDCB 24.00
TB201 TrueBeam for Physicists Classroom CAMPEP 27.25
Time Planner Workshop On-Site ASRT 2.00
Treatment Preparation On-Site Training Workshop On-Site MDCB 2.00
Treatment Workshop On-Site ASRT 1.00
VariSeed On-Site Course On-Site MDCB 12.00
VelocityAI On-Site Training Workshop v3.1 On-Site MDCB 12.50
MedStar Radiation Oncoloy's 17th Annual Radiation Oncology Symposium
Baltimore, MD
NWAAPM Fall Meeting
Seattle, WA
CMEF Autumn 2016
Shenzhen, China
Fall Midwest Chapter AAPM Meeting
Lombard, IL