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TrueBeam® Radiotherapy SystemWorkflow

Intuitive automation and robotics

TrueBeam’s digital architecture provides a platform for enhanced automation. With an intelligently guided, automated workflow, TrueBeam is designed to help clinicians navigate cancer care with ease and confidence. Intuitive so it is easy to learn, treatment processes and workflows feature prompts, messages, and an amplified safety system that guides therapists step-by-step through each treatment. User-friendly features help to streamline advanced performance for imaging and treatment procedures. A progressive workflow with one-button image acquisition and fully automated beam delivery may help therapists deliver faster treatments. The combination of PerfectPitch 6DoF robotic couch (optional item) and robotic imagers offer advanced accuracy and seamlessly integrate with the system. Focusing on user-centric design helps improve interaction with the device and allows therapists to make the patient the focal point of their attention.

Options for a wide variety of cases

Delivering numerous radiotherapy treatment techniques, TrueBeam provides clinicians with the opportunity to address a diverse range of cancer cases from cranial, head and neck, to lung and spine and tailor treatment plans for each patient. In the past, areas located in close proximity to critical structures or significant changes in anatomy during the course of treatment have made difficult targets for clinicians. TrueBeam addresses the technical challenges of these four common cancer types:

  • Head and neck
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Prostate


Clinics can simplify planning and manage treatment planning by integrating TrueBeam with the ARIA® oncology information system and the Eclipse™ treatment planning system. To save time and condense tasks, automated and customizable sequences are available to treat a wide range of cases. TrueBeam’s flexible open architecture also allows clinicians to interface with multiple technologies for imaging and disease-specific solutions. Integration with the ARIA oncology information system and the Eclipse treatment planning system helps clinicians to streamline planning and better manage treatment workflows.