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Third-party Product Interoperability

At Varian, we are committed to supporting the Varian linear accelerator ecosystem through our Varian Interoperability Program. The Program is designed to help facilitate the interoperability of third party devices with the Varian ecosystem. Below are third parties and their products that have successfully completed the Program. For additional information on the Varian Interoperability Program, including product versions that have completed the Program, please contact us.

If you have questions about third parties, their devices, or device operation, please contact the third party to learn more.

  • Delta4 Discover™ (TrueBeam® system, Edge® radiosurgery system, VitalBeam™, and C-Series)


Q-Fix Positioning
  • kVue™ and kVue Calypso® (TrueBeam, Edge, VitalBeam, and C-Series)
  • SyncTraX FX4 Flat Panel System with Smart Aligner - not 510k cleared, for Japan market only (TrueBeam)


  • Universal Couch Top (TrueBeam, VitalBeam, C-series)
  • Protura™ Robotic Patient Positioning System (C-series)
  • Catalyst™ System and Catalyst HD™ System (TrueBeam and C-Series)


  • ExacTrac®, ExacTrac® Robotics and ExacTrac® Frameless SRS Platform (TrueBeam, Edge and C-Series)
Dyn'r Medical Systems
  • SDX® System (TrueBeam and C-Series)


  • MOSAIQ® Radiation Oncology (TrueBeam and C-Series)
Vision RT
  • AlignRT® (TrueBeam and C-Series)



Varian Interoperability Program Disclaimer
Varian expressly disclaims any implied warranties, representations, or conditions, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and/or non-infringement related to third-party products that have completed the Varian Interoperability Program. Varian’s Third Party Product Terms and Warranties may be found here.