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Varian BrachyTherapy Suite (with Siemens)

The Varian BrachyTherapy Suite stems from the collaboration between Varian and Siemens successfully pairing imaging and treatment technologies to facilitate in-room brachytherapy procedures. The Varian BrachyTherapy Suite features the Siemens SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry (CTSG) with either the VariSource or GammaMed afterloader and BrachyVision treatment planning. The Siemens CTSG can be configured with a dedicated full featured operating table, facilitating the most complex brachytherapy procedures.

Key features:
  • High quality 3D image data sets generated in the treatment room
  • Full featured SOMATOM Definition AS Open -RT Pro CT scanner mounted on sealed rails to allow retraction to the side of the room for brachytherapy insertion procedures
  • CT scanner travel up to 6m with 2m scan length
  • Ability to use with several couch/table types
  • Options: Number of slices, dual energy, gating