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When radiation oncologists, clinicians, and therapists have confidence in their tools, they instill confidence in their patients. With your input, Bravos was designed and engineered to be efficient, integrated and easy to use.


  • User interface streamlines the overall treatment from planning to delivery
  • Customizable pre-treatment safety checklist
  • Recalibration of source position by the clinic can optimize uptime


  • Integrates with BrachyVision™ 3D treatment planning
  • Varian interoperability means Bravos works seamlessly with ARIA® and Eclipse™
  • Compatible with the Varian family of applicators

Easy to Use

  • Instinctive LED lights in green, yellow, and red
  • Touchscreen controls provides fast, easy access to patient treatment information in the vault
  • SmartConnect™ remote service monitoring allows Bravos systems to be monitored by Varian’s service engineers
  • Predictive maintenance enables us to pro-actively maximize your uptime

Fighting cancer takes more than a machine. It’s us working together.

With your help, we’ve created a connected ecosystem designed around you, your clinic and your patients.

Together, we can find new and unexpected ways of elevating treatment and delivery to reach your next victories. Let’s inspire a brave new world of Brachytherapy.