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ProBeam Gantry Room

360° Rotating Gantry and Treatment Room

ProBeam Gantry Room

The ProBeam® gantry is a steel structure containing the end of the beam transport system and the scanning nozzle. The rotating gantry moves around the patient, delivering the beam at any desired angle. It rotates 190º in both directions for full 360º rotation, so that the proton beam and the target volume are positioned and delivered with great accuracy, and with highly conformal treatment. Together, the gantry and treatment table ensure precise positioning of the beam relative to tumor volume.

ProBeam Gantry Beamline

Gantry Beam Delivery and Safety Features

The Varian system's beam can be fully rotated around the isocenter. In addition, a dedicated system helps ensure patient safety during the entire course of treatment. For instance, if sensors detect that an object is in close proximity to the gantry nozzle the system automatically slows (or, if necessary, halts) gantry and treatment table motion. Both audible and visual signals are emitted from the control keypad in the treatment room and control room.

ProBeam Treatment Table

Patient Positioning System and Treatment Table

The treatment table support is located in front of the gantry. The movement of the table (six degrees of freedom) is computer controlled. Designed for a maximum load of 500 lb (226 kg), the table's load cells compensate for variation in patient weight. In case of an emergency loss of power, the table can be moved and lowered manually.

Any potential flexing of the treatment table due to patient weight will be automatically detected and corrected, to ensure appropriate therapy delivery.