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Track, map, and model dose changes over time.

We help you evaluate patient treatments by tracking dose during a course of treatment and between courses of treatment. Our dose summation tools allow physicians to add radiation doses given at different times and by different methods and map total doses across the tumor and normal structures.



Deform dose. Sum dose.

Deform delivered dose from different time-points, regardless of change in position of the patient during imaging. Sum doses over multiple plans, courses, and deliveries of radiation therapy.


Track dose over time.

Complete an entire adaptive radiotherapy analysis by viewing full changes in structures and dose, along with pass and fail criteria from user-defined treatment plan protocols.


Biological dose modeling.

Scale and calculate biological equivalent dose (BED) over treatments, which occur with different fractionation, dose rate, or treatment modality.


Map dose to any patient's imaging study.

Map any imported dose distribution to another image study using our deformable image registration. These dose and image maps can be exported via DICOM to other systems.