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Vendor-neutral storage of all patient data.

Velocity provides a vendor-neutral platform that integrates image, structure, plan and dose data to create a unified patient dataset. It's the most economical way to achieve large-scale archival image storage and management and serves as a centralized repository for all diagnostic, planning and delivery information.



Store clinical knowledge on every patient.

Velocity creates an interactive, online patient library that brings together images and data from diagnostic imaging, hospital PACS, CT sims, and RT treatment plans.


Get data from PACS when you need it.

Obtain images from the hospital's PACS using a simple DICOM query-retrieve interface. With a large patient volume, the cumulative time saved can be significant.


The easy solution for storing outside imaging CD's.

When patients arrive with an image CD, a care team member inserts the CD in the nearest computer, clicks the mouse to send the images to Velocity, and hands the disc back to patient. It is that easy.


Integrate with your oncology information system.

After CT simulation, treatment and imaging data including RT plan are sent to Velocity. After treatment planning, the RT plan and dose are sent to Velocity for plan evaluation.