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Image-Guided Dosimetry for Y90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT)

RapidSphere™ image-guided Y90 dosimetry is Varian’s newest cancer therapy software offering an image-guided dosimetry solution for Y90 SIRT.  It provides software tools for liver and tumor segmentation, multi-modality deformable image registration, and dose calculation of post-treatment Y90 emission tomography images.  RapidSphere was designed for multidisciplinary GI cancer teams including interventional radiologists, nuclear medicine radiologists and radiation oncologists. Our time-saving solution supports the care team in every step of the disease assessment and plan evaluation process.

A comprehensive solution for Y90 microsphere post-therapy planning and evaluation.

Key RapidSphere* features include:

  • Simple contouring tools for liver, lungs and tumor ROIs
  • Multi-modality rigid and deformable image registration (CT/MR/PET/SPECT/CBCT)
  • Absorbed dose calculation for post-treatment Y90 Bremsstrahlung SPECT imaging
  • RT plan evaluation tools for 3D dose distributions and dose-volume histograms (DVHs)
  • Vendor neutral for Y90 microsphere therapy
  • Deformable dose summation tools for dividing liver into lobes or segments
  • Biological dose modeling including BED and EQD2 for combined modality evaluation
  • Collaboration platform for sharing results with care team and referring physicians
  • Treatment response assessment tools including real-time lesion tracking for pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment radiographic response


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*Velocity 4.0 is required for RapidSphere