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Save time with our contouring tools.

Our contouring platform provides an intuitive interface for clinical users, and our automated segmentation algorithms create anatomical structures in a matter of seconds. Velocity reduces the amount of time you spend on tedious redundant contouring tasks.



Atlas segmentation. Simple, easy and fast.

Let Velocity do the contouring for you. Velocity provides a database of expert-defined atlas cases and allows you to create your own atlas cases.


One-click PET contouring.

Velocity utilizes SUV and intensity thresholding methods for automatically contouring and planning the PET tumor-target volume.


Smart drawing in 3D.

Our 3D brush allows for fast volumetric contouring of selected soft tissue structures. Contour lungs, spine, bladder and other anatomical structures in seconds.


When things change, just adapt your contours.

Adaptive contouring is available to adjust contours when a patient loses weight or changes position during treatment.


4D contour propagation for fast treatment planning.

Contours created on one phase of respiratory cycle can be mapped onto to all respiratory phases. Deform PET and MR images to 4D CT image study.


Contour all images in all planes.

Draw anywhere for real-time contouring in axial, sagittal and coronal views. Clinicians draw contours on one image slice and propagate them automatically to the other slices.


Contour scripting saves even more time.

Create a CTV by combining multiple operations in one click. Eliminate the redundant contouring steps.


Built for collaboration with your care team.

Create sessions when multiple team members are contouring the same patient. Physicians can easily review and approve the results.