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The Velocity™ Platform

Velocity™ oncology imaging informatics system is a vendor neutral software solution that seamlessly collects and integrates oncology data including medical imaging, treatment, and metadata into a comprehensive longitudinal view of the cancer patient. This allows clinicians to measure changes over time, enable tumor delineation, and evaluate cancer treatments using medical imaging data.

Deformable image registration since 2008.
Our image registration and fusion platform allow clinicians to rapidly integrate all images and treatment plans and combine dose delivered by all treatment modalities, including radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

  • True multi-modality image registration
  • Perform QA on your fusion and evaluate the deformation vector field

Track, map, and model dose changes over time.
Velocity dose summation tools allow physicians to combine radiation therapy doses delivered at separate times and through different therapy vendors and modalities. This maps total dose across tumors and normal tissue anatomy.

  • Deform dose. Track dose. Sum dose
  • Biological dose modeling
  • Map dose to any patient’s imaging study

Robust and comprehensive contouring tools.
The Velocity contouring platform provides an intuitive interface for clinical users. Automated segmentation methods reduce the amount of time you spend on tedious redundant contouring tasks. 

  • One-click auto-contouring for CT, MRI, SPECT, and PET
  • Quickly draw and edit in 3D
  • Create custom Atlas patients for auto-segmentation  

Calculate Y90 absorbed dose from post-treatment emission tomography.
Velocity RapidSphere provides 3D voxel dose conversion to calculate and evaluate absorbed dose from post-treatment Y90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT). The conversion of a post-treatment SPECT imaging study creates a standards-compliant DICOM RT-Dose volume representing the delivered absorbed dose.


RT-plan review for any treatment modality.
Our comprehensive treatment planning evaluation system simplifies modern radiation therapy plan review and evaluation for all treatment modalities. RT-Dose may be associated with functional and anatomical images for review of treatment plans using isodose curves and dose volume histograms.

  • Automated plan scoring for peer-review
  • Create reports for sharing with referring physicians.

Built for collaboration with your care team.
Give referring physicians and collaborating clinicians instant access to Velocity data. Create sessions when multiple team members are contouring and evaluating the same patient.  Physicians can easily review results and reply with comments and markup.

  • Collaborate on treatment planning with referring physician
  • View, contour, and share with your extended care team

Assessing the past to the present.
Using our platform, care teams can assess imaging studies integrated with treatment data from the past to the present. Velocity helps you understand the patient’s response to therapy.  When a patient returns for follow-up care, you can quickly integrate all imaging and treatment data to assess the response to therapy at any spatial location.


Velocity is 510(k) cleared in the United States. Not available for sale in all markets.