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RapidPlan™ & MCO

Five years with machine learning is just the beginning…

Since 2014, we’ve been building on the promise of machine learning with RapidPlan™ knowledge-based treatment planning. Now, we’ve built even more intelligence into treatment planning with the powerful combination of RapidPlan and multi-criteria optimization (MCO).

When machine learning generates the optimal baseline treatment plan, and you add your intelligence and expertise to control, personalize, and fine-tune each individual plan through MCO, your treatment planning is taken to a whole new level. That’s what makes RapidPlan and MCO more than just machine learning. It’s what we call machine intelligence—a consistent, data-driven, highly efficient way to develop plans for virtually every type of external beam radiotherapy for inverse planning techniques such as IMRT, RapidArc®, and VMAT.

Read more about RapidPlan and view the RapidPlan frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can also learn what to expect and get familiar with the software by watching the RapidPlan full demo.

Read the new article, Artificial intelligence smartens up cancer care by Corey Zankowski, senior vice-president of Oncology Software Solutions at Varian.

RapidPlan Knowledge-based Planning in Clinical Use Worldwide