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BrachyVision™ Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System

As an integral part of Eclipse™ treatment planning system, BrachyVision™ treatment planning system simplifies the development of complex brachytherapy treatment plans. A comprehensive toolset provides the infrastructure for increased consistency and efficiency in your planning process. From the routine to the unusual, BrachyVision allows you to customize your plans to your patient’s individual disease. Key features of BrachyVision include:

  • HDR, LDR, and PDR supported
  • Film and 3D image-based planning
  • Customizable plan templates and clinical protocols
  • Draw on any plane or image modality using Eclipse contouring, registration, and plan evaluation capabilities
  • Fully integrated with the ARIA® oncology information system
  • Plan summation for brachy and external beam plans
  • TG-43 compliant, all isotopes supported
  • Create dialogues and queries with simple scripting
  • TG-186 compliant for Varian sources