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Acuros™ BV

Advanced Dose Calculation for Brachytherapy

Acuros BV is an enhancement to BrachyVision's dose calculation abilities bringing new levels of precision and accuracy to treatment planning in timeframes previously thought unimaginable.

While dose calculation for brachytherapy is generally calculated as if sources are in water, Acuros BV accounts for the effects of

  • applicators materials
  • patient tissues & boundaries
  • tissue air interfaces

Acuros BV provides Monte Carlo accuracy dose calculations with speed and ease. Click a button, the calculations occur, and you view the inhomogeneity corrected dose for a plan. Calculations take approximately 1 minute typically** compared with gold-standard Monte Carlo which can take hours or days.

Acuros BV is a Grid-Based Boltzmann Solver (GBBS). GBBS codes directly solve the Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation. It deterministically solves what Monte Carlo codes solve stochastically. Comparatively, Acuros BV more quickly provides the accuracy of Monte Carlo without the wait or statistical noise.

Acuros can be used with versions of BrachyVision 8.9 and higher. Acuros BV calculations can only be performed on Varian HDR/PDR afterloaders. Acuros for Eclipse is Acuros XB.