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3D IMRT/VMAT QA and daily treatment QA

MobiusFX automatically captures measurements of each delivery via machine-measured log files, determines the delivered fluence distribution from those measurements, and uses a GPU-accelerated collapsed-cone dose algorithm to interpret 3D delivered dose in the patient.

3D results

MobiusFX automatically compares its delivered dose to the original TPS dose in a 3D “apples to apples” comparison. 3D comparison metrics, including Target Coverage, DVH Limits, and 3D Gamma, specifically identify clinically relevant errors.

3D results

Machine evaluation

MobiusFX provides a root-mean-square error analysis of every moving delivery component, segregating and isolating machine performance errors for the user.

RMS Values

End-to-end data transfer check

MobiusFX checks the machine starting positions against the TPS plan to verify complete and accurate plan data transfer. If the data transfer is incomplete or beam delivery parameters are somehow changed, MobiusFX will immediately alert the user to those discrepancies.


3D daily treatment QA

MobiusFX works in the background to verify every treatment fraction for every patient. Each daily check will automatically associate with the patient treatment summary, and users will receive immediate email alerts if machine performance or data transfer errors are detected.

Integrated gold standard verification

The MVP phantom integrates seamlessly with MobiusFX to provide external absolute dose verification at the user’s discretion. This water-equivalent phantom features seven chamber positions and a film plane. The MVP CT is integrated into the Mobius3D platform, so users are not required to CT the phantom or create phantom QA plans if they want to perform additional measurements. The user only needs to physically obtain the absolute dose measurement to verify that the MobiusFX log file dose agrees with the gold standard.