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3D treatment plan QA

A simple TPS export triggers MobiusCalc’s automatic 3D plan re-calculation in the patient CT using independently verified beam models and a GPU-accelerated collapsed-cone dose algorithm. In minutes, an email alerts you if any issues are detected in the four verified areas: Target Dose, DVH Limits, 3D Gamma, and Deliverability.

Target Coverage

MobiusCalc automatically identifies target structures and verifies that their mean dose and coverage agree with the TPS dose. Users can also incorporate target objectives and isolate contouring errors with the automatic stray voxel check.

DVH Limits

MobiusCalc arrives pre-built with RTOG Conventional Fractionation and TG-101 SRS/ SBRT protocols and automatically assigns relevant DVH limits to each treatment plan based on structure names. Users can also customize the DVH limits in MobiusCalc according to their own site-specific or physician-specific protocols to verify that both the TPS dose and the MobiusCalc dose meet all relevant constraints.

3D Gamma

MobiusCalc displays a global 3D gamma comparison between the TPS dose and the Mobius dose in the patient CT. Users can view gamma and isodose differences at isocenter in the transverse, coronal, and sagittal planes or use the 3D slice viewer to scroll throughout the complete patient CT to evaluate differences.


In addition to verifying dose, MobiusCalc also performs a virtual delivery of each plan to verify that the plan is within machine delivery parameters and provides sufficient gantry clearance.