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A complete patient quality assurance platform

The Mobius3D® software platform includes integration modules for quality assurance (QA) of every patient plan, every plan delivery, and every patient cone-beam CT (CBCT).

Mobius3D features an efficient workflow which relies on measurements and images already generated during treatment workflows, with automatic analysis and no external hardware requirements.

A single Mobius3D server can operate all platform modules for up to 10 linear accelerators and has storage available for up to 20,000 patients. Mobius3D receives all your patients’ treatment plans via DICOM-RT and generates results within an intuitive web interface.

Mobius3D Server

With its integrated patient and machine QA modules, the Mobius3D platform provides six layers of error detection:

Mobius3D Screenshot

  • MobiusCalc: 3D treatment plan QA
  • MobiusFX: 3D IMRT/VMAT QA and daily treatment QA
  • MobiusCB: 3D patient CBCT QA
  • DoseLab: Linear accelerator QA