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InSightive™ Analytics

Analytics to support evidence-based decision making

Make better-informed decisions for your oncology practice by optimizing data to work for you. Use InSightive™ analytics to maximize the value of your information by getting comprehensive, organized information delivered in a format that helps everyone more clearly understand the story behind the numbers.

Operating in tandem with the ARIA® oncology information system, InSightive illustrates the story of your practice by mining the depths of your data to produce customizable, analytics dashboards that may result in better-informed, evidence-based decision making.

  • Review, measure and evaluate quality of care, treatment and outcomes using analytics benchmarking to promote ongoing, quality clinical improvement.
  • Publish and quickly access the latest oncology-specific analytics reports to obtain real-time insights directly from your own data.
  • Examine data across the entire patient continuum and confirm that clinical guidelines were followed for each patient’s treatment path.

With InSightive, patient data can be examined and tracked along every touch point revealing the entire progression beginning with initial diagnosis. Use this data to better influence decision making and coordination at the point of care, which may potentially improve patient outcomes. Accurately identify data trends to optimize cost and profitability patterns.

Pre-built templates can be leveraged to determine payer mix, referral sources and operational performance. Draw decisive financial conclusions using aggregated activity data presented in easily accessible, intuitive dashboards.