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Real-time insights. Better informed decisions.

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Harness the power of data analytics to deliver smarter cancer care.

InSightive™ analytics - an intuitive analytics solution built specifically for your oncology department. Simple, interactive dashboards allow you to explore your data to uncover patterns and trends that can potentially lead to improved care, operational performance, and patient outcomes.

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InSightive + ARIA =
Better decision-making

InSightive aggregates, processes, and displays data from the ARIA® oncology information system.

Transforming data into actionable, real-time insights to better influence decision making and coordination at the point of care.

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Here's how InSightive works:

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Better data analytics.
Better patient outcomes.

Review, measure, and evaluate quality of care, treatment, and outcomes using analytics benchmarking. Quickly access the latest oncology-specific analytics to obtain real-time insights directly from your own data.

Data Warehouse

  • Oncology domain expertise defining data relationships
  • Data warehouse normalizes and structures data
  • Connection to multiple databases
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User Interface

  • Industry leading Tableau data visualization and exploration
  • Oncology specific analytics for improving performance
  • Multiple modalities of interaction (ARIA, web browser, desktop)

Decode your data to reveal empowering insights.

Pre-built templates can be leveraged to determine payer mix, referral sources and operational performance. Draw decisive operational conclusions using aggregated activity data presented in easily accessible dashboards.

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Discover the benefits of InSightive

  • Intuitive operation
  • Detailed data exploration
  • Real-time insights
  • Optimize cost and profitability patterns
  • Examine data across the entire patient continuum
  • Better-informed decisions
  • Smarter cancer care
  • Oncology expertise through Professional Services support
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Oncology departments around the world trust InSightive

Customers everywhere rely on InSightive as their must-have analytics tool to bring high volumes of data under control—enabling operational efficiency and improved performance.

Put InSightive to work in your oncology department today.