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ARIA® Oncology Information System

The ARIA® oncology information system is a comprehensive information and image management solution that lets you oversee all aspects of oncology care for your patients. ARIA combines radiation, medical and surgical oncology information into a complete, oncology-specific EMR that allows you to manage the patient's entire journey—from initial diagnosis through post-treatment follow-up.

With ARIA, you can:

  • Evaluate diagnosis-specific data to compare acute responses to treatment and long-term clinical outcomes
  • Develop disease-specific clinical protocols to facilitate a standard, consistent quality of care
  • Monitor radiation dose and review treatment images to determine if plan changes are required
  • Make confident decisions with the aid of embedded rule-based decision support
  • Create structured, oncology-specific care plans for the post-treatment care and support of cancer survivors*

*Survivorship software developed in conjunction with Equicare Health.

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