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The DoseLab® software application is a fast, simple, and powerful tool for quality assurance of radiation oncology linear accelerators. DoseLab includes tools for AAPM TG-40 / TG-142 routine machine QA, AAPM TG-148 QA helical tomotherapy QA, IMRT / VMAT / SBRT QA, and log file-based machine QA.

Trend analysis

DoseLab includes an integrated linear accelerator QA database, which graphs machine data as a function of time, allowing users to identify trends in machine performance.


DoseLab features a built-in scheduler that allows for important QA tests to be completed as planned. Administrative users can assign QA tasks to specific users, and DoseLab will monitor its machine QA database for the results and send email reminders when tasks are due.


The DoseLab database can be configured to collect data from any type of test, including morning machine warm-up stats and TG-51 calibration data. Users can define tests based on numerical entry, text entry, a Boolean choice, or even a formula that automatically calculates results based on multiple inputs. With this customization, users can consolidate all routine machine QA results into a single, unified database.