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Pivotal™ Prone Breast Care

Pivotal™ Prone Breast Care is providing clinicians with a new perspective on treating breast cancer. Typically, breast cancer patients are treated in the supine position, lying face-up but with Pivotal Prone Breast Care, patients are treated lying face-down, or prone. Studies have shown that treatment in the prone position for breast cancer helps to reduce radiation exposure to surrounding organs and tissues, particularly the heart and lungs1-5. This may lower the risk of complications, such as future heart disease and lung damage. Furthermore, respiratory motion may be reduced in the prone position, helping to improve treatment accuracy.

Pivotal Prone Breast Care, which includes the Qfix Access 360 couch insert, offers 360-degree access to the targeted area of the breast. The insert aligns with the couchtop without any obstruction beneath the breast, allowing for full access. In addition, the breast cut-out in the board facilitates access to the sternum offering therapists the ability to treat patients using non-coplanar and oblique angles. Pivotal Prone Breast Care is designed for treatments of the left or right breast, including whole breast, partial breast, and accelerated partial breast treatments. Adjustable CT risers are included to accommodate varying breast size for CT simulation. The technology also allows for supraclavicular access for treatment of the supraclavicular nodes, and is currently the only prone breast solution available that can accommodate this type of treatment.

The Pivotal Prone Breast Care is available for use on C-Series and the TrueBeam® system. The package will include a comprehensive marketing kit to help build clinic awareness and promote the Pivotal treatment solution to patients, physicians, and the community. The marketing program will include a broad range of marketing and public relations materials. The kVue Access 360 includes many design features that address setup and treatment challenges, addressing provider needs and enhancing patient comfort.