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SRS Intracranial Solution

The SRS (Stereotactic Radiosurgery) Intracranial solution from Varian has been specifically designed to ensure that the stereotactic radiosurgery requirements of clinics are met. The solution enables SRS treatments to be delivered with precision and efficiency. Features within the solution provide the clinician with confidence to deliver a wide variety of SRS treatments.  Varian’s Intracranial solution includes the Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS), Integrated Conical Collimator Verification & Interlock (ICVI) system, Eclipse™ Cone Planning and an immobilization accessory package from Qfix™.

The Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS) is non-ionizing 3D imaging technology that produces high resolution and accurate 3D surface data referenced to the treatment isocenter. The System is fully compatible with non-coplanar treatments and allows for highly accurate tracking of cranial positions for all couch angles. A continuously updating display with a refresh rate optimized for tracking intracranial targets shows motion in all six degrees of freedom and may be viewed throughout treatment.

The Integrated Conical Collimator Verification & Interlock (ICVI) system provides a robust and verifiable method of mounting and electronically verifying conical collimators. ICVI correlates the physically inserted conical collimator with the requirements of the treatment plan. An incorrect cone size triggers an interlock thereby potentially increasing patient safety.

Eclipse Cone Planning provides planning and dose calculation for treatments utilizing stereotactic cones. Support for frame or frameless immobilization gives clinic staff the flexibility to choose the ideal treatment approach and continue to expand treatment techniques in their oncology program.

Immobilization accessories from Qfix that are offered in the Varian SRS Intracranial Package have been specifically chosen to be used in a stereotactic treatment environment.

The Varian SRS Intracranial solution is dedicated to radiosurgical ablation and represents a major advancement in the way radiosurgery is delivered.  Clinics may be able to treat more patients because of the speed, precision and streamlined features integrated within this package.  With the Varian SRS Intracranial solution, clinicians may invest in the future to advance cancer care.