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IDENTIFY™  Guidance System: The Next Standard of Care

How Does IDENTIFY work?

  • Patient Identification
  • Accessory Navigation
  • Surface Guided Positioning & Monitoring
  • DIBH

How do you avoid errors?

As soon as patients enter your clinic, they are positively identified, with details of their treatment at your fingertips.  In the treatment room, IDENTIFY helps verify the right technology and the right patient set-up. IDENTIFY’s intuitive interface guides you through the patient set-up, directing the positioning of the patient and accessories through visual assistance. This not only empowers confident set-up, but it also can aid in reducing the time needed to do so. IDENTIFY is designed for experienced staff, rotating staff in larger clinics and personnel-in-training.

Right Patient – Right Location – Right Set-up

How does it work?

Easy and Fast Pre-Planning

  • Automated DICOM RT import
  • Simple Selection of Default DICOM Surface
  • DICOM Surface Approval

Patient Check-In
In the Waiting Room

  • Patient Self-Check-In using Palm Reader
  • Automated Queuing to the Oncology Information System using HL7
  • Displays Appointment Location and Time to Patient
  • Replaced Systems where Barcodes are Easily Misplaced or Lost

Accessory Set-up
At the Treatment Room

  • Reproducing Accessory Set-up from Imaging Suite
  • Accessory Navigation using Augmented Reality
  • Accessory Verification
  • Display of Patient Set-up Notes and Set-up Images
  • Layered Accessories

Surface-Based Orthopedic Set-up in Loading Position
Orthopedic Set-up

  • Patient ID Verification with Palm Reader or RFID
  • Orthopedic Set-up Reproduction using Augmented Reality Guidance
  • Patient-Assisted (Self) Positioning
  • Verify Orthopedic Set-up to Imaging Suite

Surface Guided Positioning at Isocenter
Guidance using 6 Degrees of Freedom

  • Position the Patient based on DICOM RT Structure Set or on Previously Acquired Reference Surface
  • Color-Coded Augmented Reality Assists in Easily Finding the Precise Patient Position for Initial Alignment
  • Manual Positional Table Guidance Using 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Easy Switching Between Free Breathing and Breath Hold Surfaces Enabling Easy DIBH Set-up

Surface Guided Intra-Fraction Motion Management
Motion Management

  • Patient Surface is Monitored for Motion Either Against DICOM/Reference
  • User-Friendly Interface, Based on Augmented Reality Guidance, combined with an Advanced Coaching Mode Allows for an Easy, Efficient, Patient Involvement and the Potential for Shorter Treatment Times
  • IDENTIFY’s Proprietary Surface Technology and Algorithms Allow for Fast Video Response Rate, Resulting in Immediate Notification when the Patient Exits the Breath Hold Target Area
  • Patient-Specific Tolerance Margin

Automated Documentation in OIS
Automated Session Protocol

  • Automated Session Protocol Exported to Oncology Information System
  • Data Can Be Accessed and Analyzed for Auditing and Statistical Purposes

Capture of Set-up at CT at the Imaging Suite

  • Capture of Patient ID via Palm Reader or RFID
  • Capture of Correct Accessories
  • Capture of Exact Accessory Position
  • Capture of Patient Orthopedic Set-up Surface
  • Templated Set-up Notes
  • Define prescribed DIBH Level
  • Configure DIBH settings
  • Coaching Module to Assist Patient with DIBH during CT