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Calypso® Extracranial TrackingClinical Benefits

Using GPS for the Body® technology, Calypso can enable most clinics to offer Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) prostate treatments by detecting even slight movement of the target, so clinicians can keep it in the path of Varian's precise radiation beam. Using real-time tracking and treatments, Calypso provides clinicians with the data to make decisions that may result in reducing treatment margins as well as side effects, even with increased dose1. Clinicians can confidently reduce the margins between the Clinical Target Volume (CTV) and the Planning Target Volume (PTV).

Anchored Beacon Transponders for Lung

  • Allows clinicians to deliver high-dose lung SBRT with increased confidence and accuracy while providing stable fixation in or around the lung tumor to prevent marker migration.
  • Direct internal tracking eliminates the need for external surrogates to track tumor motion in real time so that high-dose lung SBRT are delivered with increased confidence and accuracy.
  • Implantation process is a straightforward implant procedure, similar to a biopsy, using a pre-loaded, single use delivery catheter designed for interventional pulmonologists and general pulmonologists with advanced bronchoscopy training.

Surface Beacon® Transponder

  • Expands the utility of the Calypso System for real-time motion tracking during external beam radiotherapy.
  • Provides noninvasive tracking of respiratory motion with temporary transponder placement on skin.
  • Can be used anywhere on the body where intrafraction motion may be a concern and gives clinicians greater confidence that radiation treatments are being delivered as planned.

Soft Tissue 17G Beacon® Transponder

  • Provides accurate treatment guidance for soft tissue targets.  
  • Improves patient comfort with 50% smaller cross-section than 14G version.
  • Enables treatment of more patients, particularly those who are not able to tolerate placement of larger transponders.

By working in tandem with linacs that provide accelerated treatments and a more concentrated dose delivery, the Calypso system can enable most clinics to offer SBRT prostate and lung treatments as well as daily treatments where motion is prevalent.

*Not all features, upgrades or optional items are available in all markets.

1Zietman AL, DeSilvio ML, Slater JD, et al. Comparison of conventional-dose vs. high-dose conformal radiation therapy in clinically localized adenocarcinoma of the prostate. JAMA. 2005; 294: 1233-1239.