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Real-time Tracking

Intracranial and extracranial tracking solutions from Varian provide continuous and real-time tracking to enable radiation oncology clinicians to keep the target in the path of the radiation beam at all times. By detecting the slightest tumor movement — and enabling the patient to be repositioned if necessary — Varian real-time tracking solutions help clinicians deliver maximum radiation directly to the tumor while avoiding healthy surrounding tissues and organs.

Calypso® Extracranial Tracking
The Calypso® extracranial tracking system delivers precise & accurate tumor tracking in real time, keeping the target in the path of the radiation beam.
Real-Time Position Management (RPM)
Varian's Real-time Position Management™ (RPM) system is a non-invasive, video-based respiratory gating system that allows clean imaging and treatment.
Gated RapidArc®
Gated RapidArc makes it possible to monitor patient breathing and compensate for tumor motion.
Pivotal™ Prone Breast Care
Pivotal Prone Breast Care is providing clinicians with a new perspective on treating breast cancer.


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