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Qumulate™ Linac QA

A quality assurance tool for linacs

Qumulate™ is a linac quality assurance tool that allows clinics to visualize, store and manage their QA machine data using a modern, cloud-based application. By making the most of their QA data, physicists can avoid managing unwieldy machine data distributed between binders, Word documents, and desktop software applications. Through an easily accessible web application, clinics can create QA templates and monitor and compare their machine performance metrics with other machines’ performance metrics.

With Qumulate, it's easy to collect your QA data in one location. Data may be imported seamlessly through an open API from measurement devices to Qumulate. For fast access, data is automatically uploaded and a QA session is generated. Clinics can quickly build QA procedures and compare their linac performance metrics to the performance metrics of other linacs in the user base.

At any given time, equipment dashboards are accessible on any internet-accessible device providing  snapshot images of the linac machine performance... With no software to install and data stored in the cloud, machine performance can be compared to user base performance.  Additionally, clinicians can view the percentage of the user base performing a given QA test for a given QA interval for consideration in creating daily/monthly/annual QA templates.  

Qumulate provides a subscription based pricing model that allows clinics to allocate product costs in their operational budget rather than their capital budget, which may require a stringent approval process. By using the Qumulate data management system, clinics may be able to increase throughput, streamline daily operations and minimize the potential for human error.   

Not only will Qumulate help alleviate the QA paperwork burden, it may also help standardize the QA process, with the ultimate goal of delivering high quality patient care. Post-beta release coming soon!