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OncoPeer™ Cloud Community

OncoPeer™ cloud community is an exclusive online community where Varian customers can publish knowledge, share data, exchange treatment techniques and discuss best practices—all while broadening their professional oncology network. OncoPeer provides the oncology community with a secure, easy to access information hub for advancing clinical performance. With intuitive navigation and search capabilities, oncologists can easily create events, participate in discussion threads and access content generated by other clinicians with the goal of delivering the highest quality of patient care. OncoPeer is open to all Varian customers within certain geographies.

Visit the OncoPeer site to login.




Ask the community general or product specific questions


Discover and discuss emerging trends and hot topics


Share experiences, clinical best practices, and related files


Learn from industry experts and exchange treatment techniques


Network and connect for peer-to-peer insights


  • Discussion threads: By posting and sharing clinic-specific data, files and artifacts, users can engage with other clinical peers using Varian technology. Users can ask essential questions, discuss solutions and exchange best practices.
  • Linking minds: Designed with oncology in mind, OncoPeer provides the tools to foster connections and broaden professional networks. Users can create events, open or close groups, follow other users, sort content by user and send messages.
  • Foster collaboration: As users contribute data and information using OncoPeer, the content will be available and easily searchable for all users of the site. Discover trending topics and build public and invite-only groups to foster collaboration.