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Cloud-Based Apps

Varian offers innovative, cloud applications for users to help with their clinical workflow. Cloud Apps can be readily accessed through a single sign-on using Varian/MyVarian credentials. The applications are completely hosted in the cloud, require no installation and can be accessed with a web browser. The Cloud Apps are available as Software As A Service (SaaS) based subscriptions.

Varian Marketplace
Varian Marketplace™ is a digital marketplace for Varian software product extensions to solve real-world clinical and operational problems. The marketplace lets developers share their Varian-related applications and other content with Varian customers, and offers Varian customers access to solutions created by their peers.
Qumulate™ Linac QA
Qumulate™ is a linac quality assurance tool that allows clinics to visualize, store and manage their QA machine data using a modern, cloud-based application. By making the most of their QA data, physicists can avoid managing unwieldy machine data distributed between binders, Word documents, and desktop software applications.
OncoPeer™ Cloud Community
OncoPeer™ cloud community is an exclusive online community where Varian customers can publish knowledge, share data, exchange treatment techniques and discuss best practices—all while broadening their professional oncology network.


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