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Varian and Oncora Partner to Accelerate Precision Medicine in Radiation Oncology

Varian recently announced a partnership with Oncora Medical, to accelerate the development of software tools that enable precision medicine in radiation oncology. Oncora is a digital health company using software and data to equip doctors and scientists with analytics tools for developing optimized cancer treatment plans for each patient.

Oncora Patient Care™, Oncora’s documentation, workflow, and decision support solution, was developed in conjunction with oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center and helps capture critical data about cancer patients, their treatments, and their clinical outcomes so that doctors can learn from past experience to improve care for patients.

Oncora's predictive modeling engine encodes this knowledge in computational models that can accurately predict the outcomes of new patients' treatments. Varian and Oncora plan to use these predictive models to help doctors design treatments for patients that minimize their risk of toxicity and maximize their chance for cure. Oncora Analytics™, the company's research engine, aggregates longitudinal data on prior patients and makes this real-world data available to power scientific and medical research. The software is in use at 13 treatment centers across the United States.

"We envision a world where all patients have access to the highest quality cancer care regardless of their location," said Corey Zankowski, senior vice president of Varian Oncology Software Solutions. "Oncora Medical's ability to aggregate vast amounts of patient data is designed to empower oncologists with a decision support tool to achieve the goal of elevating the standard of care."

"Oncora's mission is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by developing intuitive software tools to better collect and learn from real world data," said David Lindsay, Oncora co-founder and chief executive officer. "We look forward to partnering with Varian to develop and deploy innovative new tools in the fight against cancer."

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