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Varian Acquires Mobius: A Quality Assurance Software Leader

Varian has broadened its ecosystem of cancer care solutions with the acquisition of Mobius Medical Systems, LP, a leader in radiation oncology Quality Assurance (QA) software. This acquisition increases Varian’s portfolio of patient treatment plan QA and machine QA technologies.

By integrating additional QA tools into the Varian ecosystem, Varian plans to make advanced QA processes more seamless components of treatment workflows. The company will also be better able to ensure that QA methods advance in lockstep with the introduction of new treatment technologies.

Mobius QA software is in use at over 1000 sites worldwide so patients can receive high-quality care. Mobius3D® is a 3D dose verification and IMRT/VMAT treatment delivery QA system. DoseLab® is fast, simple and powerful software for quality assurance of medical linear accelerators.

For more information about the Mobius products that are now part of the Varian cancer care portfolio, visit

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