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Varian’s 2016 Sustainability Report Now Online

Varian has published a new issue of its annual corporate social responsibility report, detailing the company's policies and achievements in extending access to cancer care, protecting resources, and helping to save lives. The Varian 2016 Sustainability Report has been produced as part of a wider company effort to continually improve sustainability performance and transparency.

"Companies such as ours have a responsibility to achieve our business goals in a socially and environmentally responsible manner," said Dow Wilson, chief executive officer.  "This is a company that utilizes its resources and talent to help people everywhere in the world. Sustainability for us is extending access to quality healthcare, delivering safe and effective products, and having a beneficial impact on the communities where we operate."

Wilson adds: “We made a commitment to produce annual updates so we could measure our achievements against defined sustainability goals.  This effort involves the close participation of senior leaders from all divisions, key geographies, and core functions."

The achievements highlighted in the Varian Sustainability Report 2016 include programs that extend advanced care and enhance clinical training in developing countries. The report also spotlights ongoing reductions in electricity, natural gas and water consumption, along with progress towards greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. It also highlights the sustainability achievements of the Imaging Components division, which Varian intends to spin off as a separate company – named Varex Imaging – early in 2017.    

The report outlines the governance structure that determines Varian's sustainability activities and measures performance against goals stated in its inaugural report. Based on internationally-recognized GRI (global reporting initiative) parameters, this year's report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines.

Varian's 2016 Sustainability Report is available to download.

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