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A New Multi-Room Configuration for ProBeam® 360

Varian’s ProBeam® 360° proton therapy system is now available in a multi-room configuration. It is the smallest multi-room system available for sale. It offers uncompromised clinical capabilities with up to a 30 percent smaller footprint than the company's previous multi-room solution.

The ProBeam 360° system in a multi-room configuration allows cancer centers to tailor the system to meet their clinical, research, and capacity needs. Treatment room options include 360-degree rotating gantries, and fixed beam rooms. Research rooms are also available to satisfy a variety of non-clinical proton beam applications. In addition to the smaller footprint, the multi-room ProBeam 360° system occupies up to 50 percent less volume, reducing vault construction costs by approximately 25 percent.

The ProBeam 360° system features the most powerful particle accelerator available today to treat cancer, iterative cone-beam CT imaging, and high-definition pencil-beam scanning for exceptional precision. The system can provide clinicians with a viable path to potential next-generation treatments such as FLASH therapy.*

"The multi-room configuration of ProBeam 360° system provides clinics the flexibility to meet their treatment needs, while also increasing access for patients to proton therapy," said Kolleen Kennedy, chief growth officer and president of Proton Therapy Solutions at Varian. "Increasing access to proton therapy is an important step towards achieving our vision of a world without fear of cancer."

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*FLASH therapy is under preclinical research. It is not available for clinical use and there is no guarantee of future commercialization.

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