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Centerline Magazine

Varian Medical System's magazine for the clinical oncology community

Welcome to Centerline, Varian Medical Systems' magazine for the clinical oncology community. Each issue of the Centerline contains articles and stories about recent developments and technology implementations at cancer centers around the world. We hope you enjoy this magazine.

If you are a Varian customer and have a story idea for Centerline, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Centerline Magazine, November 2015

This issue includes profiles of centers using Varian’s Edge™ system to offer hypofractionated treatments for lung, prostate, gastrointestinal, renal, spinal, liver, and brain lesions. Feature articles highlight centers that successfully transitioned to the ARIA® oncology information system, knowledge-based treatment planning with RapidPlan™, Velocity™ software for clinical decision support, approaches to patient safety, and the importance of data security. Other articles introduce the Varian team working to improve access to radiotherapy in developing countries and some of the leading cancer centers in Brazil working to advance the field of radiation oncology.

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Centerline Magazine, June 2014

This issue highlights Varian's software products and initiatives, with feature articles about the new RapidPlan™ knowledge-based treatment planning tool; ARIA 11 deployments; and how Varian's Oncology Continuum Solutions group is working to leverage health informatics to streamline clinical workflow. Other articles cover models of accountable care organizations, innovations in brain radiosurgery and SBRT for liver cancer, and the commencement of ProBeam™ proton therapy treatments at Scripps in La Jolla, California.

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This issue profiles some community-based cancer centers offering patients the kind of advanced radiation oncology services that might once have been available only in large academic or regional hospitals. Other articles cover Varian's new Edge™ radiosurgery suite; Varian's Fullscale™ portfolio of oncology IT solutions; Varian-supported educational programs for clinicians; the Varian/Siemens strategic partnership under the motto "EnVision Better Cancer Care," and a look at two cancer centers that made a shift from Siemens to Varian technology.

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This issue includes articles about stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for the treatment of early-stage lung cancer; CT screening for lung cancer; using ARIA to demonstrate "meaningful use;" virtualization of software systems; and Pivotal prostate care using Calypso for real-time tracking.

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This issue includes articles covering the Radiotherapy 2.0 era of robotics and image guidance; radiosurgical approaches for hard-to-treat tumors; the personalized, user-centric features of ARIA 2011; Varian's educational offerings for clinicians; and gearing up for "meaningful use" of an electronic medical record (EMR).

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This issue includes articles about first clinical deployments of the new TrueBeam™ system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery; Varian's approach to patient safety from product design to postmarket surveillance; clinical implementation consulting services for using ARIA to reduce the time and cost of care; new capabilities in the 2010 releases of Varian's software products, and Acuros® BV for calculating brachytherapy treatment doses rapidly and accurately.

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This issue includes articles about Varian's radical new TrueBeam™ system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery; new motion management capabilities—including Gated RapidArc®—on the Trilogy platform; and SuperFAST installations that minimize customers' downtime when installing new technology. There is also a special section on the ARIA® Oncology Information System, with stories on deployments around the world for both medical and radiation oncology, as well as plans for ensuring ARIA customers can qualify for incentive payments under the ARRA Act.

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This issue includes articles about Varian's new government affairs office in Washington, DC; the broad range of cancer types now being treated using RapidArc® radiotherapy technology; Kaiser Permanente's new radiation oncology center in South San Francisco, California; and how treatment centers are using the Novalis Tx™ platform from Varian and BrainLAB to grow a financially healthy radiosurgical service line.

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This issue includes articles about how integrated Varian technologies are enabling clinics to function efficiently, without paper or film; survivorship management; Varian's clinical HelpDesk and its "follow the sun" approach to customer support around the world; three leading cancer centers in Brazil that are working to bring advanced cancer treatments to patients across Latin America, and how a team from CancerCare Manitoba in Canada is using Varian tools to reduce patient wait times, integrate medical and radiation oncology, and manage a geographically dispersed network.

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This special double issue includes articles about how clinics around the world are embracing Varian's RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology; how the Novalis Tx™ platform is opening up new avenues for image-guided radiosurgery; IGRT programs at the University of California at San Diego, Virginia's Inova Alexandria Hospital and China's Shandong Cancer Hospital; why radiation oncology departments have converted to Eclipse™ for treatment planning and ARIA™ for information management; a ten-year history of brachytherapy treatment planning; and radiotherapy in a veterinary hospital setting.

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Introduces RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology, which will enable clinicians to deliver highly conformal IMRT treatments two to eight times faster than was previously possible. Other features cover Stanford clinicians' use of image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) to treat challenging cases; how two comprehensive cancer centers operate paperlessly using the ARIA™ oncology information system; and Varian's new program for cutting the amount of time it takes for new installations and upgrades to IGRT.

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