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Oncology Trends

At Varian, we are aware that health care reform and oncology industry trends are driving treatment centers to rethink their strategy. Many hospitals are developing an oncology service structure that has the potential to improve clinical and financial performance, encourage physician engagement, create a distinct brand in the market, and gain a competitive edge. Future success in treating cancer depends upon clinics being nimble and comprehensive in the way they deliver oncology treatment to every patient.

During the past decade, the leap in radiotherapy technology for treating oncology patients has been significant. Clinicians are now able to deliver radiation to sub-millimeter accuracy, potentially sparing surrounding healthy tissues. There has been a growing trend to hypofractionate or reduce the number of treatments while increasing the dose per treatment.

Varian’s array of oncology products provide you with the technology you need for this journey and can help achieve the goal of realizing a cancer free world for every clinic. Our state-of-the-art technology is used from diagnosis to patient treatment and survivorship. This includes the implementation of electronic medical records and health information exchanges, which facilitate the flow of clinical information in order to enhance decision-making among providers. As patients progress through each treatment phase, providers share information to be better informed throughout the course of treatment, prevent unnecessary duplication of services, and ensure adherence to evidence-based oncology practice guidelines across different specialties and service sites.

As cancer cases continue to increase globally, the number of new patients being treated by radiation therapy is growing. Developments in oncology technology coupled with advances in computer technology have fundamentally changed the processes of tumor targeting and radiation therapy treatments. With these treatments becoming more popular among radiation oncologists and hospital administrators, Varian is there every step of the way to help manage the battle against cancer by empowering clinics everywhere to be integrated, innovative and proactive.


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