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2019年 08月 27日 | FLASH Therapy
Presentation from the PTCOG annual meeting in Manchester on the techniques employed to enable the first ever FLASH irradiations with a ProBeam system, performed on mice in a non-clinical mode. Read more
  • FlashForward Consortium logo
2019年 05月 08日 | By Bill Hansen, Director of Flash Marketing, Varian Medical Systems
Varian hosted the first meeting of the FlashForward Consortium in Atlanta, Georgia. The two-day meeting was attended by 50 Consortium members representing 14 institutions from around the globe, including key opinion leaders in the field of radiation oncology, translational sciences and medical physics. Read more
  • Danish Center for Particle Therapy
2019年 04月 10日 | By Morten Hoyer, Cai Grau, Ole Nørrevang, Dorte Oksbjerre Mortensen from DCPT
The Danish Center for Particle Therapy (DCPT) celebrated the treatment of the first patient on Tuesday, the 29th of January. This was the starting point of clinical operation after several years of work on the establishment and preparation of the center. Read more
  • Frank Rosenthal
2019年 03月 04日 | Proton News
Varian is excited to share the story of Frank Rosenthal, a patient from the Maryland Proton Treatment Center. Read more
2018年 12月 06日 | By Bill Hansen
During the Varian User Meeting held at this year’s ASTRO Conference in San Antonio, TX, we announced two exciting developments in proton therapy: ProBeam® 360° Proton Therapy System and FlashForward™ Consortium. Read more
2018年 09月 13日 | By Charles B. Simone, II, MD
Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) is increasingly used as a result of its ability to spare healthy tissue, as well as for its enhanced tumor control and curative potential. Dr. Simone shares his clinical experience on the effectiveness of Proton SBRT. Read more

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