Successful Hands-On Training of the Eclipse™ Treatment Planning for Proton Therapy | Varian

Successful Hands-On Training of the Eclipse™ Treatment Planning for Proton Therapy

As more and more proton centers come online, the need for training remains high. In response to the increased demands for continued education, Varian developed a hands-on course using the Eclipse™ Treatment Planning System for Proton Therapy. The recent course included 12 participants representing 6 centers with mixed skill levels and proton exposure and experience. The two day course covered introduction to proton treatment planning, ProBeam® Proton Therapy System overview, and hands-on treatment planning sessions. The course contents also discussed the advantages of intensity modulated proton therapy from both a planning and delivery perspective. Varian’s integrated treatment planning and delivery systems offer a unique advantage by creating a seamless workflow for proton therapy centers.

Each participant was provided with an Eclipse proton workstation to use during the course for hands-on practice of the robust proton planning workflows on cases from simple prostate to more complex cranial spinal with robust junctions. The innovative course provided for more interaction and generated great dialog throughout the training.

Courses like this will continue to build a broader knowledge of proton therapy planning and help to ease the burden of skilled resources as these newer centers start to treat their first patients in the coming years. The participants offered very positive feedback on the effectiveness and the quality of the program. They unanimously recommended the course for others considering proton therapy.

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