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Pre-requisite:  Preferable programming and Eclipse experience is recommended.

Unleash the power that exists within Eclipse by attending the Eclipse™ Scripting API Basics course. The Eclipse Scripting API Basics course aims to provide Eclipse users with the knowledge and tools to build ESAPI applications for research and clinical use. The goal of this four-day course is to introduce ESAPI, the Eclipse Script Wizard, the basics of C# and Visual Studio, and programming concepts needed to successfully develop ESAPI applications. Registration for the course will make available online content that will review the language syntax of C# and the building of Console Applications and User Interface design with Windows forms and Windows Presentation Foundation in Visual Studio. During the course, attendees will create custom applications that can be executed from within Eclipse or as stand-alone applications, as well as develop Visual Scripting applications. Open-source scripts will be downloaded and modified for personal use. An ESAPI expert guest speaker will also discuss the creation, validation, and implementation of clinical applications.

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