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Varian ロゴ


最高経営責任者 (President and Chief Executive Officer)
Cisco Systems 元エグゼクティブ バイス プレジデント 兼 最高マーケティング責任者 (Former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco Systems)
Google's Motorola Mobility LLC 先端技術&プロジェクト担当シニア バイス プレジデント
Varian Medical Systems 取締役会会長 / CRC Health Corporation 最高経営責任者 (Chairman of the Board, Varian Medical Systems / CEO, CRC Health Corporation)
Varian Medical Systems 取締役会副会長 / 元最高経営責任者 (Vice Chairman, Varian Medical Systems Former President and CEO)
Smith & Nephew 元最高経営責任者 (Former Chief Executive Officer, Smith & Nephew)
SanDisk 元エグゼクティブ バイス プレジデント 兼 管理責任者・最高財務責任者 (Former Executive Vice President, Administration and Chief Financial Officer of SanDisk Corporation)
McKinsey Healthcare Practice 上級顧問 (Senior Adviser to the McKinsey Healthcare Practice)
SVP, Controller, CFO, Lilly Research Labs
President and Chief Executive Officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Dean of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine