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Innovation powered by a connected ecosystem

Varian’s innovation in SGRT is powered by the integration of IDENTIFY within the Varian technology ecosystem. The strategic integration of IDENTIFY within the Varian environment is designed to deliver many diverse and beneficial advantages: continued compatibility of new releases across your Varian hardware and software products; increased workflow automation; renewed clinical confidence; and the peace of mind of having a one stop shop for sales and service.​

Seamless integration into your established workflow

IDENTIFY integrates seamlessly into each step of your clinic’s workflow by providing:

  • Enhanced user interface and surface management tools, including threshold templates, Region of interest (ROI) feedback, and improved intra-fraction surface functionality
  • Automatic loading of DICOM structures and couch rotations
  • Customizable automated beam hold* functionality based on treatment site and patient position
  • Simple ROI tracking with couch centering and rotations

Optimize your performance. Maximize every minute.

Navigating through your workflow when using IDENTIFY is seamless and intuitive due to its enhanced user interface and service features, such as:

  • Accurate patient tracking when rotating the couch
  • Surface tracking during cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)
  • ROI tools that provide valuable data during the clinical process
  • Refined skin-tone tracking
  • Handheld device for convenient system access

Ethos Adaptive Therapy and Surface Guidance with IDENTIFY

"We found IDENTIFY plays into one of our primary goals to improve the overall accuracy of the delivery."1

—Dennis N. Stanley, Ph.D., Chief of Adaptive Therapy, University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Radiation Oncology.

Learn more about how IDENTIFY complements adaptive therapy with Ethos.

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Nous vous aiderons à vous connecter à nos systèmes
  • * Disponible uniquement sur les systèmes TrueBeam®, Edge® et VitalBeam® équipés de l'interface MMI (gestion des mouvements du patient).
  • Ce produit et ces fonctionnalités ne sont pas disponibles à la vente sur tous les marchés.