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Irish Cancer Center Among First in Europe to Offer Innovative Breast Conservation Treatment

Galway, Ireland, January 19th 2006 - A West of Ireland woman has become the first breast cancer patient in the country and one of the first in Europe to undergo ‘partial breast irradiation’. University College Hospital in Galway carried out the successful breast conservation treatment using a computer-controlled GammaMed™ brachytherapy afterloader from Varian Medical Systems together with a balloon-guided intra-cavitary device called the MammoSite® Radiation Therapy System. Partial breast irradiation involves delivering radiation directly to the tissue immediately surrounding a surgically removed tumor, where cancer is most likely to recur, while minimising the radiation exposure to healthy tissue. Using this approach, a full course of treatment can be carried out in just five days.

Frank Sullivan, consultant radiation oncologist at the University College Hospital Galway, says, “Today, a lumpectomy followed by whole breast radiotherapy is considered the standard in care, but it’s well proven that when cancer returns it tends to return in or near the lumpectomy site in the overwhelming majority of patients. This prompts us to ask whether it is worth treating the whole breast in all patients and this is where partial breast irradiation comes in.

“Partial breast irradiation appears to give very good control within the breast in a select sub-group of patients with early stage disease. Also, whereas a standard course of whole breast radiotherapy can take up to seven weeks, partial breast irradiation can be completed in as little as a week.‿

Dr Sullivan and his team at University College Hospital Galway are using the Varian equipment and MammoSite device to deliver partial breast irradiation for appropriate patients. He said the new equipment will enable patients who need brachytherapy to remain in the Galway area rather than having to make the three- to four-hour journey to Dublin. In the past, some breast cancer patients have opted for a mastectomy rather than having to endure the round-trip to the capital.

In addition to breast cancer treatments, clinicians at the hospital plan to use the new brachytherapy equipment to offer treatments for gynaecological and prostate cancers. Delivered alone or in conjunction with external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy provides patients with new treatment options and is gaining recognition as a viable and highly targeted cancer treatment approach.

Brachytherapy treatments involve the placement of radioactive sources inside the tumor using a High Dose Rate (HDR) afterloader such as the GammaMed device. The BrachyVision™ treatment planning system, which is also used at Galway, offers unprecedented conformal dose capabilities and state-of-the-art 3D image-based treatment planning.


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