Global Medical Education Grant Program

The Varian Global Education Grant Program is proud to support the educational objectives of healthcare professionals and help them provide quality care to their patients. These include accredited and non-accredited programs to support medical science, disease awareness, education treatment programs, and CME courses. Varian evaluates requests for financial support from appropriate third-party providers of education to healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers and patient advocacy groups.

Requirements and Guidelines

  1. For an application to be considered for funding or other support, the program/event must include the following:
  2. Organizations and non-Healthcare Professional (non-HCP) individuals are eligible to apply while Individual Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) are not directly eligible for Educational Grants.
  3. Varian may not receive any type of promotional benefit (such as a booth or advertising) or any item of monetary value in return for an Educational Grant Award.
  4. The recipient organization must disclose that Varian has provided an Educational Grant for the program or event.
  5. Provision of an Educational Grant cannot be used as a condition of sale or to influence sales of Varian products/services to recipient organizations or attendees of the educational event that is the subject of the grant.
  6. Educational Grants will not be provided where any part of the purpose is to improperly induce or bribe the recipient to take (or refrain from taking) action that would give an improper or unfair advantage to Varian, or where the purpose is to provide a kickback or item of service of value in order to improperly obtain or secure business.
  7. Varian reserves the right to decline an application if the program does not fit Varian’s mission and priorities.

Ineligible Activities for Educational Grant support

  • Requests outside the areas of Varian’s business, educational and/or research interest
  • Requests from individual Health Care Professionals (HCP), group practices, commercial organizations or MECCs (Medical Education Communication Companies)
  • Travel expenses or fees for specific conference/society participants. Travel may be requested for HCPs in training eg. fellows, residents, medical students, if the request comes from the program sponsor or medical educational institution
  • Salary support for educational content

Clinical Fellowship Funding (under Medical Education)

We're committed to working with medical institutions, thought-leaders, and other health care professionals to inspire innovation, educate patients and improve patient outcomes. Therefore, Varian supports educational grants for fellowship programs sponsored by teaching institutions, community hospitals, or medical societies/associations that have a genuine interest in, and track record of, advancing education and research in areas of interest to Varian. Our fellowships are awarded to qualifying medical institutions or societies based on established criteria around the merits of the program, as well as available funding.

Application Process

To receive consideration, requests should be submitted at least 45 days prior to the start of the program. Submission of a grant request guarantees neither approval nor support for the entire amount requested (or any portion thereof). Educational grant requests must be submitted as per instructions below.

Supporting Documentation

The following documents must be provided to be considered for an Educational Grant:

  • Formal letter of request that includes details on the amount being requested, proposed use of funds and the type of request
  • Select the Educational Grants request category
  • Event documentation, if applicable (i.e. Agenda, brochure, letter of request, etc.)
  • IRS determination letter confirming 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) tax status
  • Completed W9 form - EIN # must match IRS letter
  • Check the “Agreement to the terms and conditions” which is located at the end of the request form before finalizing your submission
  • For payment processing, please complete and upload the Siemens Healthineers ACH form (to be downloaded within the application)
  • Current Accreditation Certificate for Educational Grant requests (if applicable)
  • Application and budget must be submitted in English


US Applicants

Please register for the first time on the Siemens Healthineers Healthcare Giving Portal (HGP). This one-time step will save time when submitting future requests. Please have all required documents completed and available to submit as attachments before you begin the online application process.

Begin the online application immediately after completing your registration or return to the Healthcare Giving Portal (HGP) with your established email and password when ready to begin the application process.

Important: We require a complete application submission at a minimum of 45 days prior to the event date. Any request that does not meet this criteria will be immediately declined.

Non-US Applicants

Please fill out this application form and email it along with the supporting documents listed above to for consideration.

Important: We require a complete application submission at a minimum of 60 days prior to the event date. All requests require 60 days from event date for review and decision to be rendered. Any request that does not meet the minimum submission criteria will be immediately declined.

Europe Applicants

As a member of Medtech Europe, Varian requests that all third party organized educational events (Europe applicants) be registered in the Conference Vetting System (CVS) 60 days prior to the event. CVS is managed independently of MedTech Europe and is a centralized decision-making system that encourages transparency and consistency in medical education events. As a member of MedTech Europe and Mecomed, Varian cannot provide support to an event that has not been positively assessed by CVS. In other words, the event must be compliant for consideration. The review process includes the following criteria that has the same weight in the evaluation: (1) Scientific program, (2) geographic location, (3) conference venue, (4) hospitality, (5) registration package benefits, and (6) the communication.

It is important that all education events be submitted through the CVS portal 60 days prior to the event date by visiting the EthicalMedtech site. The provisional decision will be posted on the website and as the submitter, you are responsible for providing detailed information pertaining to the event submission and following up on any questions. If an event submission is less than 50 days before the event start date, the conference will not be assessed and the status will be published as “not assessed/late submission.”

Varian recommends that you read each of the sections on the CVS website ABOUT CVS – Ethical MedTech EU prior to submitting your request of the education activity.


Varian follows a defined and specific process to ensure that our procedures for making educational grants are consistent with appropriate guidelines and policies. Once an application is submitted, we will review each request for compliance with our grant criteria and policies in alignment with the Company’s mission and available budget. In addition, we are committed to full compliance with U.S Federal Sunshine Act (also known as Open Payments) and similar transparency laws. All reporting on educational grants is in accordance with these applicable laws and regulations.

All applicants will be notified by email on the status of an application. We partner with Silicon Valley Community Foundation to process any awards on our behalf.


Please contact us with any questions or feedback regarding the application process or the Educational Grants Program.