Introducing 3cosystem

The 3cosystem program is an invitation to collaborate with Varian to help provide clinics with certified 3rd party(3P) products, so patients receive the best care possible. We are organizing our interfaces in order to securely maintain a modern and expanding connectivity ecosystem.



Seamless integration means your patients spend less time waiting and more time living their lives.



We help smooth your workflow by keeping tools, systems, and team members connected.



When all the pieces work together, we lower your total cost of ownership and victories become easier to achieve.

3cosystem Interoperability

Patient Motion Management


MMI: Motion Management Interface

  • AlignRT Advance
  • Catalyst System / Catalyst HD System / Catalyst+ / Catalyst+ HD
  • ExacTrac Dynamic
  • ExacTrac v6
  • SyncTrax
  • SDX

Practice Management



  • Medlever Platform
  • RO Dynamics
  • CNERGY G! *
* through the 3co ARIA API Interface for scheduling and patient demographic data.

Treatment Delivery


VTI: Varian Treatment Interface

  • RayCare

Following industry standards


Varian is proud to participate in Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), an initiative designed to eliminate barriers to optimal patient care.


DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) conformance statements make it easier to determine connectivity and interoperability between image-based products.

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Written Requests on Interoperability with Radiation Therapy products

(In accordance with the Commitments to the European Commission regarding Case No. COMP M.9945 – Siemens Healthineers / Varian Medical Systems)