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ARIA Oncology Information System combines medical, radiation, and surgical oncology information into a complete EMR that helps you manage your patient's entire journey.

  • Promotes support for pay-for-performance initiatives
  • Streamlines your department processes
  • Eliminates the time and cost associated with paper management
  • Enables your staff to make more informed decisions for your patients
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MedOnc-Specific Information

  • 300+ clinical regimens built to NCCN and other global guidelines
  • ICD diagnosis and AJCC staging
  • Clinical decision support
  • Ability to track lesion and tumor response
  • Toxicities, adverse event reporting
  • Trials screening and eligibility assessments

Patient Safety Focus

  • e-Prescribing and CPOE
  • Dose limit and contraindication checking
  • Warnings for large changes from previous dose
  • Barcode patient and medication verification
  • Signing and co-signing for medications

Rapid Document Creation

  • Help create a fully electronic, "paperless" department
  • Auto-populated data fields
  • Minimizes transcription
  • No redundant data entry
  • Minimizes data entry errors

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